Baltic Song Contest

Watch Baltic Song Contest 2016

Torgscenen/The main stage

Fredagen den 22 juli klockan 21.00/Friday 22th of July at 9 pm
Lördagen den 23 juli klockan 22.15/Saturday 23th of July at 10.15 pm

Baltic Song Contest is the musical highlight of the Baltic Festival. In two days ten artists from nine countries are competing to win.

These are the contestants in Baltic Song Contest 2016:

Sweden: Josefine Wassler

1: Higher

Music and lyrics: Josefine Wassler

2: En endaste sekund

Music & Lyrics: Josefine Wassler

Josefine Wessler started singing at an early age and has since graduated from the Royal University College of Music in Stockholm. She has also participated in numerous singing competitions in Sweden. From 2007 to 2010 was Josefine a part of multiple Swedish TV productions, for example the Swedish version of American Idol.

During the autumn of 2010 Josefine released her first album, called ”Soulo”, which featured her own material in the pop/soul genre. As of today Josefine is working on new material which will be released in the near future.

Estonia: Ott Lepland

1: Kuula

Music: Ott Lepland

Lyrics: Aapo Ilves

2: Stronger

Music: Ott Lepland

Lyrics: Silja Vipre

In Estonia Ott Lepland has won everything that could be won: Estonian Idol in 2009; the lead role in High School Musical in 2010; the show Laulupealinn (Singing Capital) in 2011, where he represented his family’s hometown of Kärdla; and Eesti Laul, the Estonian round of the Eurovision Song Contest. in 2012 with a song he wrote himself. Lepland represented Estonia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan with the song "Kuula" placing 6th in the final.

Ott  is one of the most respected vocalists in Estonia, an excellent pianist, and the author of some of the biggest radio hits of recent years.

He has released three albums aimed at the Estonian market and contained many songs he had written himself.

Poland: Ania Dabrowska

1: Nieprawda

Music: Ania Dabrowska

Lyrics: Ania Dabrowska and Dagmara Melosik

2: W glowie

Music: Ania Dabrowska

Lyrics: Ania Dabrowska and Martyna Melosik

Ania is one of the most gifted Polish singers of the last decade. She is also a composer, recording producer and she writes lyrics. To date Ania has  published five albums , each nominated platinum. Her last album ‘For Naïve Dreamers’ was released  in March this year. That album brings very personal  music of Ania featuring her newest hits including the two tracks to be performed while this year’s Baltic Song Festival.

Ania has  achieved  third place  in the newest Polish Audio Video Producers Association ranking of the best selling records of the decade with 200 000  discs sold. Ania has been nominated for major Polish music prizes including the prestigious Fryderyk Awards.  

Norway: Adam Douglas 

1: I once was an honest guy

Music and lyrics: Adam Douglas

2: Steal the show

Music and lyrics: Adam Douglas

Hailing from the heartland of America, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Adam Douglas, is dedicated to spreading his musical message to music lovers across the globe. With nothing short of awe-inspiring live performances, Adam and company will embark on an American roots musical journey right in front of your eyes and ears. “Diagnosed” as a child with incredibly strong musical aptitudes, Adam spent much of his upbringing harnassing the enourmous 4-octave vocal range with which he had been blessed.

With plenty of experience as a “hired gun” throughout the North American live music community, it was only a matter of time before other nations started to take notice. Living in Oslo, Norway, Adam Douglas is making a home and name for himself by providing an unforgettable show that has audiences on their feet shaking what they’ve got, and glued to their seats in anticipation.

Croatia: Antonela Doko 

1: Ta Ljubav

Music: Ines Prajo

Lyrics:  Arijana Kunstek

2: Onaj Dan

Music and lyrics: Arijana Kunstek

She has first impressed music audience in Croatia in April 2014. singing a duet "Voli me" with Dino Antonic. It was a cover song of one of the most popular Croatian rock band "Prljavo kazalište". Later in the year 2014. Antonela released her first official solo single "Ludi ti" which achieved a notable radio airplay.

At the beginning of the year 2016. she made her debut at the prestigious Zagreb Music Festival . The song "Onaj dan"  spent 18 weeks on the National Top 40 in Croatia and got  to number 1 on the Croatian Music TV Channel's chart and Croatian National Radio chart. Antonela's  debut album will be sonn released for Croatia Records .

Latvia: Markus Riva

1: Take Me Down 

Music and lyrics: M.Riva,K.Morgan,R.Suter ,A.Pfeiffer, PK.

2: I Can

Music and lyrics: Markus Riva

Markus Riva today is not only stylish popular musician but also song writer, producer, DJ and TV & radio host. In  2014 Markus Riva was one of the super finalists for the prime-time TV show “Want to Meladze”. As a solo artist Markus has released 4 solo albums and many radio singles that have been #1 songs on the charts of iTunes and radio stations. In November 2015 received an award from Russian Music Box Music Television as the best debut in the  Russian market. Markus is one of the few artists who is successfully working also in Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstan. Several times participated in National selection of Eurovision Song Contest.

Markus is one of the most recognisable party’s dj in Latvia. He plays regularly at the hype clubs and as radio host for Capital fm 94.9.Markus travelled with his gigs around the world including Dubai, Barcelona, Berlin, Zurich, London, Moscow, Kiev, Minsk and many more.

Today Markus is one of the most popular musicians from Latvia, his army of  thousands of thousands fans grows every day.

Moldova: Doinita Gherman

1: Irresistible

Music and lyrics: Ylva & Linda Persson

2: Hora pe toloacã

Music and lyrics: D.Ghemann and R.Voda

A well experienced Moldovan artist who has been on the professional scene for 14 years. Postgraduate of the Molovan Academy of Music, Theatre and Plastic Arts. Today Doinita  is  performing as a singer of pop, rock, folk and ethno music, songwriter. Active participant in many social projects in different cities and villages from Moldova as an organizer and singer. She has a full experience of working with the best musicians and sound producers  in Moldova. Doinita   performed in thousands of concerts all over Moldova and toured Germany  as a vocalist in a musical-choreographic show with one of the best dance team from Moldova art-studio ‘Repede “.

She has taken part in the Moldovian  selection of Eurovision Song Contest . Doinita  is currently  working on her  new  tv –show project called  “The power of dance”.

Romania: Klyde

1: Ama

Music: L. M.Tanasoiu , D.Ochenatu

Lyrics:  Klyde, L.M. Tanasoiu , D.Ochenatu

2: All your love

Music and lyrics: T.Ionescu, D.Denes, C.M, Treanta, F.D.Popescu, D.B.Pauna, V.M.Nicola

Klyde is 23 years old  and lives in Bucharest. He has released  9 original songs. The first one  in 2012  titled ‘ Fara Tine’. In 2013 Kyle entered the art contest TIMAF in the music section and was one of the finalists. The same year Kyle took part  in the Romanian edition of X Factor and was  one  of  the most popular costentants. In 2014 Kyle performed at the Mamaia Music Awards.. Kyle  has featured  with a great success in many tv  shows in Romania  His  latest  song ‘ Ama’   was released in February 2016 by Roton Music . This is a pop dance  track with Spanish chorus and a mysterious vibe. The video of that song was directed by Khaled  Mokhtar, one of Klyde’s personal favorites.

Spain: Maika Barbero

1: The Reason

Music: Juan Huerta

Lyrics: Maria del Carmen Barbero

2: Under Your Own Rules

Music: Antonio Laborda

Lyrics: Maria del Carmen Barbero

Maika is a Spanish singer born in Reus (Tarragona).  She became famous on the show The Voice of Spain where she ended up as third finalist and was one of the most peculiar voices from the first series.

After seven years performing in small premises in the Costa Dorada (Tarragona), she reached public recognition due to her performance of Bryan Adams' "Heaven" on the Blind Auditions of The Voice of Spain. Her charisma and personal voice made her go through the Battle round and to the Live Shows, where she got to the finals and earned the audience respect and popularity.

Her prize was the release of the single "En Tus Manos" which reached Top 2 in the Spanish iTunes chart. Right after this, she performed on more than 50 shows all over Spain, besides acting as a guest artist with Nathan James at the Hippodrome Casino in London.

In  2013, she released her first album, "No Return". Her new EP, “New Perspective” will be released this summer. Maika  is now working on her new TV program and preparing  her next Spanish tour.

Sweden: Petra Kvännå

1: The Blues and I

Music: Stefan Westberg and Petra Kvännå

Lyrics:  Stefan Westberg, Peter Asp and Petra Kvännå

2: Shine!

Music and lyrics: Stefan Westberg

Petra Kvännå was born in 1975 and started her musical career at an early age. She moved between rock bands and show groups which gave her a wide musical experience. To date, Petra can master anything from jazz to rock and also everything in between. Petra is currently working on a solo career and also as an backup singer. She is also coaching other artists and has been featured in Swedish TV productions such as ”Körslaget”.

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