Baltic Song Contest

Torgscenen/The main stage

Fredagen den 18 juli klockan 21.00/Friday 18th of July at 9 pm
Lördagen den 19 juli klockan 22.15/Saturday 19th of July at 10.15 pm

Baltic Song Contest is the musical highlight of the Baltic Festival. In two days ten artists from nine countries are competing to win.

These are the contestants in Baltic Song Contest 2014:

Sweden: ALIEN


Music: Borg, Jidhed, Sandin, Tarrach & Wandroph
Lyrics: P Barlow, Diosa music & J Morrison, Minto/Solid house Music/ASCAP


Music & Lyrics: Borg, Jidhed, Sandin, Tarrach & Wandroph


Alien is a Swedish rock group, formed in Gothenburg in 1987, consisting of singer Jim Jidhed and Tony Borg, Ken Sandlin, Toby Tarrach and Jimmy Wandroph.

They had their breakthrough with a recording of a rock cover of The Marbles 60's hit "Only One Woman", which was written by Barry Gibb, Maurice Gibb and Robin Gibb. The song was tested in Tracks in early 1988, but failed to enter the list. However, it turned out that the song was really popular, and after a while it got another chance in Tracks, as a “wild card”, and this time it went much better. It went directly to fourth place, the following week it climbed all the way up to first place (before Michael Jackson with Dirty Diana). It was also the first time that a song that was originally tested without having entered the list reached the top of the list.

The sequel 'Tears Do not Put Out the Fire "also did a turn on the track list, but then Jim Jidhed left the band while Tony Borg continued with varying constellations of band members and under various record labels. However, 2004 Jim Jidhed reunited with Alien.

In autumn 2009, the entire original cast of Alien reunited, and in 2010 went on tour in Sweden.

The original lineup eventually reunited, a handful of festivals were chosen - Sweden Rock (Cruise + Festival), Getaway Rock, Firefest a.o.

In 2013 the No Remorse/EMI re-issue CD (ltd 1000 copies) of Alien (s/t Scandinavian) reached No 1 in the import album chart in Japan and sold out. EMI Music Sweden released the back catalog, remastered or digi/download. We provided unreleased demos as bonus. 'Alien - 25th Anniversary' 2CD deluxe edition highlighted the celebraion of our debut album, selling out as well.


Austria: OIS & NIX


Music & Lyrics: M Komjati & H Pauleschitz 


Music & Lyrics: M Komjati & H Pauleschitz


“OIS & NIX“ are Michael Komjati and Hannes Pauleschitz, two musicians who try to think outside the box. They both have been raised with Rock music and got to know each other playing together in various Rock bands. And soon they found themselves jamming with their acoustic guitars, trying out some sweet tunes, and coloring their music with heartfelt lyrics in the local vernacular of their homeland, the most Eastern part of Austria. This was around 2008, when “ois & nix” was born. In the following years, the two friends played loads of shows, built up their own home studio (söwa studiös) as well as their own record label (söwa recörds), and in 2013 finally released their first self-titled album “ois & nix” (out on lexliszt12 and söwa records). It features 15 tracks of mellow guitar-pop music, and its songs speak of true honesty and authenticity. Although some of their tracks (“Stoak Verbunden”, “Telegramm aus der Sonne”, “Da guade oide Rock & Roll”, …) get regular airplay on major radio stations all across Austria, for “ois & nix” nothing can beat the feeling of playing live, setting their hearts and voices in tune, and sharing their music with their audience.

Michael Komjati and Hannes Pauleschitz were born in Burgenland, the most Eastern province of Austria, and they both work as high school teachers in Vienna.




Music & Lyrics: Rafael A Herrero


Music & Lyrics: Rafael A Herrero


She was only 19, with short experience, when she managed to impress 300 millions of viewers in her great performance in 1995 Eurovision Song Contest, which became second, and would become the best result for Spain in the last 40 years. The song, a Chema Purón´s theme named “Vuelve Conmigo” (here at German RTL), remains as one of the best performances ever. This Spanish Singer is considered to have one of the most powerful and impressive voices in the international music scene. The huge number of visitors on her Google and Youtube entries shows Anabel Conde followers passion. Spain has named a square “Anabel Conde”  to honour her.

As an artist, she has gone through different formative experiences such as musical theory, dancing, singing masterclasses, acting,.. and a large numbers of TV, radio and live performances.

Through all her career, she has always counted on her fans unconditional support, including her last released album Toda una mujer, result of a Crowdfunding Project which found a quick reponse! In this álbum we can find the tracks Paraiso and It’s for you, with whom she is ready to surprise the audience of Festival.

Her last single “Paraíso” is a tribute to Andalucía, mother land of this artist.


Slovakia: PETER ARISTONE with Bobbie Shepherd



Music: G Eres, C Rizzo & P Aristone
Lyrics: G Eres, C Rizzo


Music: M Kloc, P Aristone
Lyrics: M Kloc, P Aristone, D Berry & R Griffiths


Peter Aristone studied voice and music production at the renowned Jazz Music Conservatory in Prague going on to become a sound engineer. Success came quickly as he mixed and mastered the album ‘Angel's Share’ for ELAN. Peter also oversaw the sound at their infamous Prague concert in front of 90,000 people.

Having topped the Czech charts as a frontman of the pop-rock band Popcorn Drama, Peter pursued his song writing with a host of internationally successful names including Guy Erez, Carmen Rizzo, Emerson Swinford, Emma Ejwertz and Darren Berry. From a six month stay in LA Peter moved to Kensal Rise in North West London where he set up a second writing studio with his good friend and writing partner Darren Berry (Razorlight side project Zazoo and La Roux writer) on the infamous Kensal Road. A chance meeting with producer and percussionist Greg Haver, where a conversation of all things Manic Street Preachers firmly bonded a relationship, has led to Peter recording his debut solo album entitled “Nineteen Days in Tetbury” at Greg’s Modern World Studios in spring 2013.

Whilst Peter was recording Grammy nominated artist Stonebridge called up to request that he rework Peter’s song “Crash and Burn” which presently holds the top spot in Poland and was also licensed to Kontor Records and Sony Music in Germany!

Peter is currently spending his time between London and Prague, doing promotion for his 2nd single "Cool As You" which is a duet with Melanie C (ex Spice Girls). The song was released in Marsch 2014. Peter and Melanie have also performed live at the packed Queen of Hoxton in London.

Bobbie Shepherd is a 17-year-old hugely talented singer from Essex, United Kingdom. Her astoundingly mature voice has already impressed several relevant record labels and agencies in the UK. Bobbie’s interest for music started at age 10 and at age 11 she started singing in public. With rising confidence Bobbie began trying out all different styles of music until she found the true style for herself – SOUL! From there on she went to enter many different local singing competitions, winning them all.

Bobbie is ready to devote the year 2014 to writing with a host of international songwriters and producers to have her album ready by the end of the year. More info on tours, release dates and campaigns coming soon.


Lithuania: THE BALL & CHAIN


Music & Lyrics: J Didziulis & E Jennings


Music & Lyrics: J Didziulis & E Jennings


Erica Jennings and Jurgid Didziulis - two independent artists, successful in their own right - collevtively known AS "The Ball & Chain". This married couple released their self-titled debut in 2012 much acclaimed and sold out venues throughout Lithuania where they are based. Both have enjoyed success with their own projects - Erica with SKAMP, Jurgis with his previous bands Inculto, Twnkl and now solo.

As the Ball & Chain duo their songs are about love the way it is well after the chocolate coating has melted and neither one is as eager to impress or please. The lyrics are dry, sincere, and a tad cynical with only a faint hint of the sweetness that has managed to endure the corrosive effect of extensive exposure.


United Kingdom: MISS 600


Music: R de Fresnes, Ch Bucknall, H Garner & D Amar
Lyrics: R de Fresnes


Music: R de Fresnes, Ch Bucknall, H Garner & D Amar
Lyrics: R de Fresnes


 Miss 600 is the duo Hannah Garner and David Amar. There music can best be described as pop with a jazz twist. They were discovered at an open mic night in their home town of Derby. It was also the venue where James Morrison was discovered.

Miss 600 enjoyed massive exposure towards the end of 2011, with their debut single ‘Twist’ making the BBC Radio2 A-list and remaining there for an incredible seven weeks. Their next single from their debut album ‘Buying Time’, ‘Typically Me’ also made playlists across the UK (including the Radio 2 A List, again) and live performances on “Dancing With the Stars” in Poland (in front of millions) and Sir Terry Wogan’s BBC Radio 2 show in the UK further enhanced their growing reputation.

They regularly perform at the main music festivals in the UK and Europe and recently enjoyed their debut at the Royal Albert Hall supporting Mario Biondi and Incognito.

Internationally Miss 600 has achieved success in Poland, Germany, Italy and South Africa.


The Czech Republic: LA GODIVA


Music & Lyrics: La Godiva


Music & Lyrics: La Godiva 


La Godiva (birth name Teresa Nova) is a Swedish/Czech/Polish singer, songwriter and DJ. Her debut songs (Farewell, Liar, Unfair, Superficial and Hell No) were released in fall 2012 on iTunes and Spotify among other music sites. The genre is a unique mix between House and R&B, inspired by Swedish House Mafia and R&B/pop artists like Madonna, Christina Aguilera, etc.

The artist started singing at a very early age, attending a local music school after regular classes. She has performed in events at the local music school, mostly playing the violin and singing. Apart from singing, she has also been taking piano and violin lessons from the age of six. Apparently, her passion in songwriting started at the age of nine when she started experimenting with her new domestic music studio. Her first home recording was "On My Own" from the musical Les Miserables.

When she turned sixteen she got recruited by one of the top Swedish modelling agencies. In 2007 she cat walked for the well-known cosmetic company Make Up Store together with the winner of the show Sweden's Next Top Model and others. However, in her late teens she was determined to focus more on her songwriting and music production, so she quit modelling to throw herself into the music business. In the fall of 2012 she released her first EP called Farewell. The year of 2013 has been busy with the media, working on a music video and producing more songs. By the end of the year she finished working on the next EP, which is going to be released in 2014.




Music & Lyrics: G Tempesi, V Mavros, G Notreris & F Coccozza


Music & Lyrics: G Tempesi, V Mavros, G Notreris & F Coccozza


Vocalist, skillfully playing between harmonies and rhythms.Born in South of France, Claudia Donato was surrounded by music from an early age with her musician father who was a native of Sicily (Italy).
She studied classical piano at the Conservatoire de Marseille and perfected her vocal technique with Benoît Amy de la Bretèque (phoniatrician, a specialist in voice and choir director).
Very quickly, she discovered Jazz and began a real career. In 1989, she won the Special Jury Prize at the Hot Brass in a jazz vocal competition organized by the Departmental Office of Culture in Aix-en-Provence chaired by Dee Dee Bridgewater. Then she opened for Sixun at the Jazz Festival of Salon-de-Provence and performed with various Funk / Soul bands.

Her career is a reflection of her professional skills and famous artists will appeal to her, including Florent Pagny, Patrick Fiori, JJ Goldman, Julie Pietri (Tour 2006) and more recently Helene Segara (Tour 2008). She also participated in many recording studio sessions where her qualities regarding vocal arrangement are highlighted.

Background vocals and duets on different albums including those of Manu Dibango, Herbert Leonard, Gerard Blanc, Christian Delagrange, etc ... Also on the international scene, in Ireland, she won the 1st price of songwriter and performer, in Lebanon, Show Case at Harry J. Beans & Marriott Hotel and in Mexico, she was the # 1 radio

Her Italian song "Se Ne Va" of which she is singer and songwriter (composer: Marc Longchampt) and her version of "La Solitudine" will even be in the credits of the film "Le Cœur Des Hommes 3". 


Sweden: Caroline Wennergren


Music: Joacim Dubbelman & Martin Landh
Lyrics: Sam McCarthy


Music & Lyrics: Marcos Ubeda


1985 (or 1986) Caroline was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and was an orphanage child her first years. 1990 she was adopted by a Swedish couple from Mölnlycke, a little village just outside Gothenburg.  

Caroline started to sing very early. She has a very deep and warm voice which she developed already in her early years. Even if Caroline is a true carioca, it is not the Latin-American music that is near to her heart. She is totally devoted to the Afro-American jazz of the thirties and forties as it was played and sung in Harlem. Caroline has been listening to that music from early years and her biggest inspiration has been – and still is – Ella Fitzgerald. The latest album, Drop Me Off in Harlem, is dedicated to the Afro-American jazz. This album she recorded with substantial support of all at the Lionheart Music Group.  It is also together with Lionheart she releases her new single: Miss Dynamite.

2002 she took part in an artist competition in a major broadcasting company (TV4) in Sweden, where she impersonated Ella Fitzgerald with”A Tisket a Tasket”. She was second best in the finale. Directly after the TV show Caroline started to cooperate with Plugged Records, where she recorded some singles and one album that was released on May 2nd 2005. For this album Caroline was presented the Swedish Gold Award for sale in excess of 10.000 units. In the winter of 2005 Caroline took part in “Melodifestivalen” (a national tv-broadcasted event in which one artist and song, out of 32, shall qualify for participating in the Eurovision Song Contest). Caroline succeeded to reach the top five in the finale and she made her a name as a singer with the Swedish audience. 

Today she is singing with her own quartet and tours also with her pianist Per Strandberg. She has also worked together with big bands and she is since this winter a regular member of the Gothenburg-based The Vintage Jazz Big Band.





Music: K Stasiak & E Waluchowski
Lyrics: K Stasiak (Stashka)


Music & Lyrics: K Stasiak (Stashka)


Under that stage name hides top talented singer: Kasia Stasiak. She comes from the Land of 1000 Lakes in Poland - the region of Mazury.

Stashka’s music is primarily based on the joy of creation and the deep belief that talent matures in a natural way.

Stashka gained her stage experience performing as a background singer for the Polish stars. She appeared at many prestigious events including the Polish Song Festivals and the Orange Warsaw Festival.

Stashka’s new hit single ‘Chce kochac / I Want To Love” gets more and more airplay throughout Polish radio stations, as well as in the UK and the USA. The video to that single has reached a multimillion views.

Stashka’s contagious smile attracts many fans and makes each of her concerts unique.

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