Baltic Song Contest

Torgscenen/The main stage

Fredagen den 19 juli klockan 21.00/Friday 19th of July at 9 pm
Lördagen den 20 juli klockan 22.15/Saturday 20th of July at 10.15 pm




Baltic Song Contest is the musical highlight of the Baltic Festival. In two days ten artists from nine countries are competing to win.

These are the contestants in Baltic Song Contest 2013:


England: MOYA


Music & words:  E. Andrews & A. Grahn


Music & words: E. Andrews & A. Blair-Oliphant


Moya grew up on her mother’s music collection, a combination of Motown, soul, jazz and disco: “All the big Motown and soul artists have played a big part in moulding me into the singer I am today,” says Moya. 

Her first foray into music was with her sisters, in a band they called Trance before joining a Saturday stage school at the age of six, where she had her first taste of performing. As a teenager, Moya continued to write music and perform at open mic nights, before finally deciding to move to Brighton last year, to pursue her career full time.

After some serious song writing, including sessions in Sweden, Moya released her first EP, featuring the addictive debut single, Telling Tales.  The track stormed onto regional radio stations up and down the country, and wowed Youtube and The Box regulars with an astonishingly accomplished underwater video, filmed for nothing in a borrowed swimming pool. This was followed by a cover of Primal Scream classic “I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have,” out earlier this year as part of an acoustic EP, available at her live shows and from her website In between finishing the album, Moya’s been busy playing live across Brighton and London.




Music: L. Lemsalu, R. Puura
Words: L. Shea Walling, L. Lemsalu


Music: L. Lemsalu, R. Puura
Words: L. Shea Walling, L. Lemsalu


Liis Lemsalu is a winner of 2011 Eesti otsib superstaari, Idols in Estonia. Born in Pärnu 1992, she moved to Norway as her father was a known pro-level footballer. In Norway Liis' interest in music grew and she became a singer in a choir. At the age of 13 Liis and her family moved back to Estonia. After vocal lessons she decided to take part in "Eesti otsib superstaari" in 2011. The start was shaky but Liis reach the finals, beat her last opponent Artjom Savitski and was awarded the Estonian Idol title. Liis' most noticable performances in the show were Adele's Someone like you and Den fyrste song eg høyra fekk, a Norwegian lullaby.

After winning, she released with Universal Music/Crunch Industry her debut album Liis Lemsalu, that got high reviews and great airplay all over Estonia. She also took part in Eesti Laul 2012, becoming 5th with her song Made up my mind.

Liis has also released an EP with mixes of her single Lightining in a bottle, and has since won major popularty in local club scene. She is currently recording a follow-up, that will see the light of day in 2013 to her debut album.



1: IO E TE

Music & words: Mario Bellovino


Music & words: Paola Palma /Massimo Luca


Marcello Pallanca is a R &B singer and a musician. He was born in Sanremo, the music city. He began to play the trumpet when he was five years old. Two years later he played in the music academy of Vallecrosia’s city. At twelve years old, he attended the music school G. Pergolesi in Vallecrosia where he began to practice solfeggio and study piano. After, he started to perform in many places in Costa Azzurra and Riviera Ligure.

In 2000 he took part in the Festival degli Interpreti dedicated to Mia Martini and attended many musical events at the Ariston theatre of Sanremo with different musical groups.

Now he is continuing to perform in the best Costa Azzurra’s places where he is getting a great success like singer, interpreter and musician.

His first CD, Le mie vibrazioni, was very highly appreciated and programmed in Radio Rai, on sale in some Mondadori Multicenter and in the most important digital stores.




Music & words:  L. Reiniks


Music & words:  L. Reiniks


Lauris Reiniks is a singer, songwriter, TV host and actor from Riga, Latvia. He has been a show business star for more than 15 years now. He has graduated from Music College in Latvia and studied acting in Los Angeles. As a composer and recording artist Lauris Reiniks has received more than 20 National awards, released 8 albums and recorded singles in 11 languages. His smash hit “Es skrienu” (I’m running) has been recorded in 9 languages alone. Lauris Reiniks is one of the few Latvian artists who has established his name internationally, especially in Baltic states, with #1 radio singles and successful album releases in Estonia and Lithuania. His special talent is to sing in almost any language and sound like a native speaker.

His name is also known to Eurovision fans from 2003 when he represented Latvia in a trio “F.L.Y.”, his song came 2nd in the Irish Eurovision finals in 2009 receiving maximum points from Dublin jury. In 2011 his song “Banjo Laura” came 2nd in the National finals in Latvia.  Because of the millions of views of his music videos on YouTube, Lauris is unofficially called “King of YouTube” in Latvia.





Music & words: V.Graic & M. Paunovic


Music & words: R. Artesero & Jose J. Santana


Andrea Demirovic is a student of the Music Academy in Cetinje, Department of Music Pedagogy. Her first public appearance was in 2002 at the festival Suncane Skale in Herceg-Novi.  Her first album, ANDREA, was published in 2006. The songs and lyrics were written  by  the famous Croatian singer/writer/composer; Vesna Pisarovic. One song on the album was  composed by  Andrea.

In 2009 Andrea represented  Montenegro  in the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow, with a song recorded  with  the famous producer and composer Ralph Siegel and  with José Juan Santana as the author. Andrea became by that time the most international Montenegrinan singer. Nowdays she is preparing her new album and  with  Vladimir Graic, the composer of the Eurovision winner in 2007 Molitva.





Music & words: A. Grube, N.Arn, G.Euren


Music & words: K. Bernardino


Karen Berardino is a Norweigan artist born and raised in the Philippines. She moved with her family to Norway when she was eight years old. At that time she knew very little about her talent, her voice.

In her younger years Karen participated in several talent shows in which she got the opportunity to learn a lot about music. With her energetic stage performance and vigorous voice she managed to find her way to the entertainment business.

– I love challenges, she says!

When Karen was 19 years old she got handpicked to an audition for the Norwegian set up and national Grease tour. Karen loves musicals and because of that she applied for Bårdar Akademiet to develop her skills.

In Denmark and Norway she have played the main character Kim in Miss Saigon which got a fantastic reviews from reviewers. After that she  got famous on stages all over Scandinavia, among others as solo artist at Wallmans Salonger in Copenhagen and on a tour with the famous Danish popduet Infernal as well as for the Norwegian Idol jury with comments like ”You are the best female vocalist I´ve ever heard of in the history of this Norweigian Idol competition.”




Music & lyrics: T.Karlsson & J.Buddee


Music: T.Karlsson
Lyrics: M.Eriksson


Music has always been the most important thing in Margret’s life. She has breathed in sounds and scores since the early childhood. Margaret learnt to play the saxophone and she took singing classes. When the time to make an adult decision came, she chose the latter - singing.

Born in Poland, she has travelled across the country to take part in various festivals. Margaret set up her own band and composed songs when she was in high school. Eventually she ended up in Warsaw where her musical career took off.

Artistically mature, self-confident Margaret, she has realized that sounds and a few embellishments in music mean nothing. She started to think about her own style and songs - emotions and lyrics she represents. Margaret also has a passion for fashion.

Her own musical fashion blog has been one of top viewed in Poland. Music, fashion and design - that's what counts for Margaret!

Now it's time for her own music, style and discovering herself. Her latest single Thank You Very Much unveils the very mystery of Margaret.





Music by : J. Zima, M. Pavlik, V. Cekan, D. Kostovcik, P.Bic, I. Bic
Words by: J. Zima, M. Pavlik, V. Cekan, D. Kostovcik, P. Bic


Music by : J. Zima, M. Pavlik, V. Cekan, D. Kostovcik, P.Bic, I. Bic
Words by: J. Zima, M. Pavlik, V. Cekan, D. Kostovcik, P. Bic


The band Peter Bic Project has six members; Peter Bic (guitar player), Jozef Zima (drummer), Ivan Bic (singer), Daska Kostovcik (singer), Matus Pavlik (keyboardist) and Vlado Cekan (bass player.

First big success for the band was when the Swedish management of legend Roxette chose the band Peter Bic Project as their pre-group on their concert tour last year. The band is the most successful in Slovakia and Czech Republic at this time. The band has been taking leading places of airplay charts in about last 17 weeks in mainstream radios.

Peter Bic Project has released the most played single in Slovak and Czech air called Hey Now. The song itself is a story about women's disappointment; it is about very intimate topic. As a result of that the song is the most played and successful song which touches people. The music video is being broadcasted by many music televisions (MTV).





Music & lyrics: M.Bryant and V. Rådström


Music & lyrics: M.Bryant and V. Rådström


"At school I was too shy to even sing in front of the class, so I got an ‘F’ for music. Back then I didn’t really like my own voice.” When Miriam Bryant talks about her musical background, you can always hear a hint of pride in her voice. And at only 21 that’s understandable, because her debut album Raised in rain is worthy of praise at the highest international level. It was no surprise to those who know her in Sweden, where Miriam was born, when the tabloid newspaper Aftonbladet predicted her to become Newcomer of the Year 2013.

The album is brimming with emotional soul songs in modern arrangements, carried by a voice well beyond the years of its young owner. And her lyrics, with a pronounced atmospheric, metaphorical density, tell of her own experiences with unmistakable authenticity in every syllable. Miriam explains, “My lyrics are all personal, and above all honest. But I don’t signpost the way or dictate the interpretation. I think it’s more interesting for the listeners to do that for themselves.”

And the listeners keep tuning in. With Push Play Miriam Bryant quickly made herself famous in Sweden. Her first self-penned song Finders keepers now boasts over 1,3 million hits on YouTube, and special showcase shows in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Baden-Baden and Frankfurt along with a sold-out club tour and a host of TV appearances last December have all received high praise.  




Music & lyrics: Mattias Reimer-Lars Edvall


Music & lyrics: Jim Jidhed 


Tove Jaarneks career started when she eight years old sang in the choir Frösöflickorna. At the age of thirteen her professionell career started when she became a singer in a dance band. A few years later Tove went to Stage School in Gothenburg.

In spring 1990 she won a talent show which led her to a record contract with Big Bag/Sony with Lasse Holm as a producer. During years to come Tove participated in several TV-shows and also went on tour with Swedish artist like Tommy Nilsson, Louise Hoffsten and Carola Häggkvist amongst other.

Tove has entered the Swedish trial for Eurovision Song Contest twice. The first time, 1991, she ended up on second place just behind Carola Häggkvist whom later on won the whole contest.

In more recent years Tove has been on tour with ”The Original ABBA Orchestra – In Concert”  together with artist like Mats Ronander, Magnus Carlsson, Jerry Williams, Tomas Di Leva amongst others. Her latest record ”The Sound of Romance” was released in 2008.

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