Baltic Song Contest

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Torgscenen/The main stage

Fredagen den 17 juli klockan 21.00/Friday 17th of July at 9 pm
Lördagen den 18 juli klockan 22.15/Saturday 18th of July at 10.15 pm

Baltic Song Contest is the musical highlight of the Baltic Festival. In two days ten artists from nine countries are competing to win.

These are the contestants in Baltic Song Contest 2015:

Sweden: Kalle Johansson

1: All for you

Music and lyrics: Martin Eriksson, Thomas G:son and Thomas Karlsson

2: Bara du kommer

Music & Lyrics: Martin Eriksson and Thomas Karlsson

18 year old Kalle Johansson entered the spotlight in 2014 when he won a competition on Swedish national radio called ”Svensktoppen nästa”. His winning song ”Den där dan” became a big radio hit. The song charted on the Swedish hit chart and Kalle was also selected as one of the contestants for the Swedish Melodifestival in 2015. The Melodifestival determines the Swedish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest the same year. Kalle entered the competition with the song  ”För din skull” written by Thomas G:son and Thomas Karlsson.

Kalle Johansson has gained a lot of fans during the last few years with his big voice and his humble approach. During the summer he will play concerts all over Sweden and will also continue to work with new material for an upcoming release.

Belarus: Janet

1: You will be here

Music and lyrics: Y. Persson, L. Persson and N. Haglund

2: Davaice Sabyaremsia Razam (Let’s Get Together)

Music & Lyrics: Maria Bydko and Janet

Janet is a well experienced Belarusian singer and artist who was born in Lithuania, in Shaulyai. Today she lives and works in Minsk and has been on the professional scene more than 15 years. She studied to be performer, vocal coach and in piano at the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts in "pop art".

Throughout her artistic career Janet has been collaborating with leading Belarusian TV channels for projects like Eurovision Song Contest, Two Star, The Battle of Cities, Musical Ring, cocktail music, meeting place, Musical Evenings in the Mir Castle. I Love Belarus, Song of the Year. She also released two solo albums, several single releases and five music videos.

In 2014 Janet participated in the Belarus qualification to the Eurovision Song Contest. Her song “You will be here” was written and produced by Ylva and Linda Persson and ended up in 3rd place.

Spain: Gerson Galvan

1: Te Recuerdo

Music and lyrics: Gerson Galvan

2: Se Nos Hizo Tarde

Music and lyrics: Gerson Galvan

Gerson Galvan was born in the Canary Islands where he started in the World music. Born in a modest family. Soon he began to sing in a lot of Television shows with a lot of success, then he was contracted by a TV channel and a radio where he had his own programs. After some years in the radio and TV he decided to give up  all to  be only in the music business.  The success arrived quicky winning the prestigious “Festival of la Candelaria” in Spain.  

Gerson is not only a singer, he is a composer and author for other artists. Nowadays he is working in the new album for next October, a best of his sixteen previous records. He recorded a wonderful version of “Eres tu”, the most popular Eurovision song in Spain and out of Spain.  In 1999 he got the second prize in the most important Spanish festival, “El festival de Benidorm”. Nowadays Gerson is one of the singer who get to sell all the tickets for his concerts in Spain.

Poland: Sarsa

1: Naucz Mnie (Teach me)

Music: M.Markiewicz, T.Konfederak

Lyrics: M.Markiewicz

2: Indiana

Music: M.Markiewicz, T.Konfederak

Lyrics: M.Markiewicz

First and foremost Sarsa is very interesting and creative individual. Lyricist, songwriter, plays ukulele and keyboards.  Sarsa is also fashion designer, works as music therapist with her personally created vibro-acoustical therapeutic method. She is also a scientist carrying on a research for the sake of her PhD thesis in the field of cellular music therapy also known as tuning-fork therapy.   

Sarsa's music has already received accolades from the Polish Radio programme 3 and 4. She participated in lots of music competitions winning numerous awards and prizes. Prior to going solo, Sarsa was a collaborator of a Polish alternative band FLUKTUA and project TakLoopNie.

Sarsa Markiewicz is a true artist – she loves music, singing, and she wants to share fruits of her creative mind. Unique beauty plus characteristic voice and huge talent complete the portrait of this artist.

Italy: Geoffrey De Vai

1: Delicante

Music and lyrics: Geoffrey De Vai

2: Ancora Le Tue Mani

Music and lyrics: Geoffrey De Vai

The singer and song-writer Geoffrey De Vai was born in 1977. In 1997, he became leader of STARRY EYES, a well-known band of San Remo and best glam-rock band of the Italian alternative scene of that period. During the summer of 1999, he met Alessandro Fabozzi, who absolutely wanted him to be part of his new project. Geoffrey moved to Milan, accepting the challenge. The project name was BLUECAOS and it had everything needed to become a success. Not only did many recording houses of Milan show interest for it but even Rock FM did and played the single “Aria”, produced by Marco Trentacoste (Delta V, Ideasonika, Le Vibrazioni, etc.)

In 2006, at the end of the working experience with the Universal Music Group, Geoffrey chose to write by himself all the songs of his first Ep and decided, with his friend and guitarist Luciano Semeria, to reunite the indie-rock band ROSSOMARGOT, recording the album “Fuori dall’ovvio” with Top Records, a Milan label. The album was distributed in Italy by Edel and the single “Criptonite lei” was broadcasted on different radios. A couple of years later, he decided again to take on a solo project and in July 2014 recorded with Top Records the album “DELICANTE”.

Ireland: Janet Devlin

1: House of cards

Music and lyrics: J.Devlin, L.McCutcheon , S.Johnson

2: Things we lost in the fire

Music and lyrics: J.Devlin, E.Kennedy, P.Hanna, J.Jayawardena

Northern Irish singer-songwriter Janet Devlin grew up outside the village of Gortin in County Tyrone. She thrived on a diet of watching Kerrang! TV and taking regular bus rides to local record stores in nearby Omagh. Fuelled by a love of bands like Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers and inspired by their songwriting, she taught herself to play instruments by ear and penned her own songs where nobody else could hear her sing. Her musicality and determination flourished and as a consequence, the songs she posted to her YouTube channel gained an unexpected but welcome fan base who were ready to support her in the next stage of her music career.

In 2011, she caught the public’s attention on Series 8 of The X Factor, where she consistently received the highest consecutive public vote out of all the contestants. Her album ‘Running With Scissors’ was released in June last year reaching number one on the UK Indie Breakers chart. This debut is full of folk-driven pop songs and heart-touching ballads, which perfectly showcase her unique and enchanting vocals.

Netherlands: Bo Saris

1: One mo' gain

Music and lyrics:  B. Saris, Elfraim de Nijs, R.Goudswaard

2: She's on fire

Music and lyrics: B.Saris, J.Wetterberg, S. Olsson

Bo Saris is a young Dutchman with one foot in the past and the other firmly in the present. He comes not from Harlem but 3,000 miles away in Haarlem – the Dutch town that lent its name to soul music's spiritual home in New York City. Bo's own career kicked off in the clubs with Maya Jane Coles's deep house remix of “She's On Fire,” showcasing his remarkable falsetto. He grew up listening to his mother's collection of soul and funk music, and inspired by his father's career as a popular jazz singer in their native Holland.

Bo made his musical debut at school and played his first gig at 16. In his teens he converted to hip-hop, and discovered Prince, factors which may help explain the contemporary edge to his take on classic soul. It's a balance beautifully brought out on Bo's first UK album - “TITLE” - by renowned producer Dre Harris (Michael Jackson, Mary J Blige, Usher, Chris Brown) during recording sessions in Los Angeles. His eureka moment came in 2011 when he performed at a tribute concert to soul great Bill Withers in Amsterdam. At the after-show party, he found himself chatting to one of his idols. Not long before this inspirational encounter Bo had moved to London to launch his career in the UK. In his video for “The Addict,” Bo Saris starts to reveal himself, albeit in animated form. But he promises that he will emerge before long. 

England: Purdy

1: Shook Shook

Music: Purdy and Andy Wright

Lyrics:  Purdy

2: Next time

Music and lyrics: Purdy and Matt Johnson

Purdy writes songs with all the swagger and poetic charm of a new age femme fatale with hints of - Nina Simone, Nancy Sinatra, Peggy Lee and Henry Mancini. The self-confessed subscriber of love will be releasing her killer debut album ‘Diamond in the Dust’ in May 2015 and is produced by Grammy award winning producer Andy Wright. She started writing songs aged 11. Her influences include Nina Simone, Ella Peggy Lee, Henry Mancini, The Doors, and Amy Winehouse.

Some of her proudest moments include a performance at Wembley this year singing with The Central Band of the Royal Airforce backing her & 95,000 watching. 

Latvia: Antra Stafecka

1: Beyond the storm

Music and lyrics: R.Pauls, G.Racs, M.Jay

2: Maldugunis Dzesot

Music and lyrics: A.Stafecka, I.Murniece

Antra began her singing career with the participation at the popular TV show aired on TV3 ‘’Koru Kari’’ (Choir wars).  Growing success the singer greeted while participating at the LNT TV show "Okartes Stage", where the singer was noticed by one of the show's jurors Guntars Racs, who offered collaboration with the Latvian leading record company "Microphone Records’’. The first songs were recorded with radio charts progress, especially with Antra’s own song "Maldugunis Dzēšot" (Erase the Fallacy Fire). After the show a youth musical "Dzimuši mūzikai" (Born For Music) was staged, where Antra played one of the main roles.

After the musical many creative collaborations including the biggest musicians in Latvia, as well a joint appearance with the famous Italian singer Al Bano. In 2015 the singer is releasing her first solo album ‘’Vientuļā Zvaigzne’’ (Lonely Star) through Microphone Records, where she is the writer for all of her songs along with her mother Ilze Murniece. Two years in a row Antra’s songs have been selected in Latvian Eurovision semi-finals.

Sweden: JONI

1: Chain you

Music and lyrics: Jerry Sillah and Johanna Toth

2: Waterfall

Music and lyrics: Johanna Toth, Emanuel Abrahamsson, Gabriella Wilson, Dimitri Stassos and Michael James Down

JONI is an artist with a strong will and a big heart. Born and raised in a suburb to Stockholm, Sweden she started working as a singer in a hotel, but her dreams were much bigger.

In 2012 she was handpicked by famous record producer Anders Bagge to attend Musikmakarna in Örnsköldsvik. Her first single “Chain you” was released in late 2013 and was heavily featured on the radio in both Hungary and United States. Her second single “Waterfall” was selected as one of the entries to the Hungarian Eurovision qualifications. JONI has also won multiple awards for her work during the last few years.

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