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About Karlshamn
Karlshamn, with its woodlands in the background, looks out across the Blekinge archipelago and out to sea. This city has been here for almost 350 years and is located at the most south-eastern part of Sweden in Blekinge, the county known of its natural beauty as the “Garden of Sweden”.

Karlshamn started life as a small fishing village called Bodekull, but has transformed over the years info a modern society that is still growing rapidly. Our industry, communications, schools, nature and leisure activities offer a standard of living that few places can compete with. With its strategic position by the Baltic Sea and the proximity to Europe, Karlshamn is at the heart of many important events and we can look forward to a future with incredible opportunities for development. The EU market includes at least 70 million people, and here we can see a major role for Karlshamn in the 

School and education for everyone 
Karlshamn offers a variety of schools and programs; from pre-schools to a musicschool, university and qualifying vocational programs. The establishment of Blekinge Institute of Technology has opened new opportunities for the city, new companies, networks and collaborations are emerging. There is also a variety of private independent schools such as; Waldorf, Montessori, The Östersjö gymnasium and the EC-gymnasium. 

There are very good fishing options in Karlshamns municipality, there are streams such as Mörrums ån and Mieån, then there is also the sea and other inland lakes. The leisure unit has responsibility for the fishing in Mieån and its waters within the areas of Långasjönäs and the Lindenborg’s lake that is located in the eastern parts of Karlshamn. In several of the lakes fish are implanted all year around.  

You will find more information about fishing and where to buy a fishing license from Fritidskontoret or the tourist office. 

We hope that you want to share this future with us.  If you are interested in living and working in Karlshamn we heartily welcome you. We are happy to help you, no matter whether you are thinking of studying at our institute of Technology, finding a new job or planning to set up a business in Karlshamn. Please do not hesitate to contact our emigration service if you want more information or have any questions.

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