Motorhome service and stopovers in Karlshamn.

You can stay in peaceful surroundings in the nature or close to town centre with shopping, restaurants and different attractions.

Motorhome stopover in Vägga and Svanevik during 1 June - 31 August.
Fee: 180 SEK (including electricity, water and waste disposal) between 8 pm-10 am to be paid to the parking guard in connection with check-up. Facilities: toilet, shower, sewage drain, electricity and water. Cell phone: + 46 703-52 21 77

For further information and map over the area Vägga.
GPS: N 56° 9′ 30″  E 14° 53′ 5″
For further information and map over the area Svanevik.
GPS: N 56° 9′ 24″  E 14° 53′ 19″

There are also the following services:

The local camp sites Kollevik and Långasjönäs
Quick Stop, which means that you spend the night between 6 pm-10 am and have access to the services available at the camp (at a lower price than regular camping fee).
Emptying the tanks, filling of fresh water for emptying the tanks and filling of water.

Municipal parking lots
There are six spacious parking lots on the eastern quay - next to the Tourist Information Center. 
GPS: N 56 ° 9 54 E 14 ° 51 55
It is also possible to stand overnight in the parking place at Saltsjöbaden
GPS: N 56 ° 9 30 E 14 ° 52 '45 and the Railway Station (7 day parking). GPS: N 56 ° 10 32 E 14 ° 51 58

You are welcome to stay overnight at Kreativum bus parking, next to the regular parking lot. The car park is well signposted, right before the barn.
Time for parking is between 6 pm and 9 am as the parking should be available for buses / day visitors during the day.
Parking is free, but please contact the crew at Kreativum. No service available. Kreativum is open every day during the summer period in July / August at 10 am-5 pm. You can visit the cafe and shop without paying admission.
GPS: N 56 ° 11 35 E 14 ° 51 8