Here you will find maps that are available for purchase.

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Map of Asarum

A detailed map covering the area Asarum-Granfors-Valberget, north of Karlshamn.

Scale 1:10 000

Price: 150 SEK


A 250 km long cycling path from Karlshamn to Halmstad along the old railway. Information about attractions, accommodation, etc. in English, Swedish and German. Scale 1:50 000

Price: 130 SEK

Ire & Lobergets nature reserve

Detailed map of the national park with hiking trails. Information about the flora, fauna, geology and cultural history of Ire and Loberget.

Scale 1:10 000

Price: 20 SEK

Coastal & Recreation Map

Detailed map extending from Sternö Peninsula to Matvik. The map is water resistant and folds.

Scale 1:10 000

Price: 100 SEK

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Långasjönäs nature reserve

Track and cultural map of the area with hiking trails, jogging tracks, name of crofts and more.

Scale 1:15 000

Price: 30 SEK

Archipelago Maps

1. Archipelago Map & Chart Karlshamn

Award winning and detailed map of the archipelago in Karlshamn with information in both English and Swedish on the islands, service centers, where to go ashore and so on. The map is printed on water resistant material. 

Scale 1:10 000.

Price: 150 SEK

The map is also available in downloadable digital BSB format, price: 360 SEK

2.  Archipelago map Karlshamn West

The map extends along the coast from Vettekulla west, past Karlshamn and to Drösebo. The map is printed on water resistant material.

Scale 1:10 000.

Price: 150 SEK

3.  Archipelago Map Tjärö-Järnaviks

The map extends from Allböleudden along the indented coastline towards Guövik, Köpegårda, Järnavik, Gyön, Grananäs and to Biskopsmålaviken. The map is printed on water resistant material.

Scale 1:10 000.

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Tree map Ire Natural & Cultural School

Unique and detailed map in plastic case with tree species in the area signposted and information about these on the back of the map.

Scale 1:3000

Price: 15 SEK

Natural and Guest harbors in the archipelago of Blekinge

Additional places for a boat with a depth of approximately 1.75

This book (52 pages) can be ordered directly on
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Price: 149 SEK  incl shipping